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Thek also known as 'thick' he is a thickly pleasing hexagone.
My son was looking thek in that dress

My son was built like a thekaxagon

My son got Thexatitis T

My boyfriend is thekxy
by thekekskdna anfkfkbfk February 13, 2019

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a thexy is a sexy hexagon looking thick on the streets, it is also a gender you would say "My sexuality is thexy or thexagon'
I feel like a thexagon

I identify as a thexy
by thekekskdna anfkfkbfk April 10, 2019

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It is a shape discribing a very thickly pleasing body figure. Only people named Thek can look like a Thekxagon
"My son looked like a thexagon in that dress"
"My son is built like a thexagon."
"WOW Thek has a nice thexagon"
"Would you like to borrow my Thekxagon"
by thekekskdna anfkfkbfk March 07, 2019

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