TheOdd1sOut (James Rallison) is a YouTuber who does Animations. His art skills don't go for the realistic side, but for the cute side. He does collaborations with many small Animation Channels to give them a little push on views and subscribers. He used to work at a Subway (or Soubway as he calls it). He also dropped out of College since his YouTube Channel kicked off.

So, if you see James, go ahead and say hi. He is a funny person with a great adittude.
Girl1: Hey, he has a funny and great personality

Girl2: He must be TheOdd1sOut!

by iLoveAdamOrtiz_SomeThingElseYT November 4, 2018
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A american animation story time youtuber that was a bed wetter till he was 8 years old.
by NotBigChungus February 3, 2019
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theodd1sout is a popularr youtuber who does animations. Very similar to Domics and Jaiden Animations
Did you watch the game last night?

No I watched theodd1sout.
by Where they at doe November 23, 2016
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An animator on Youtube that tells his life stories, but animates it, and posts it on Youtube. Lives in Tuscon, Arizona, which is only like where half of the global influence of telling stories in animations comes from. He also worked at Sooubway before becoming a Youtuber.
TheOdd1sOut no longer works at Sooubway
by TheGEICOgecko November 21, 2018
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A famous YouTube animator, also known as James Rallison, with about 12M subscribers.
Johnny: Dude! Have you watched TheOdd1sOut’s new video?!

Dak: Yeah! It was lit!
by Pseudonymous Bosch May 29, 2019
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An animator from Arizona who has over 10,000,000 subs.
Person 1: *draws*
Person 2: Hey! You draw like TheOdd1sOut
by ChancyDG June 18, 2019
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A animation youtuber who's real name is James Rallison
"Dude?! What the heck?" And you'll say, "TheOdd1sOut?" Hahaha. Maybe.
by Mr. Coconuts December 14, 2019
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