Majo no ie, (The Witch’s House) is a freeware puzzle horror game made on the engine RPG Maker VX, created by Fummy and released on 2012 of October. It is one of the most memorable games in the YouTube RPG horror era played by let’s players such as Markiplier. It was also inspired by another classic game Ib.
The Witch’s House is the kawaii game!
by qweurtyip809 July 16, 2023
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A genre of music created by surrealist goth ravers and post chillwaver's that consist of a linear beat with mild reverb, popular sounding synth line (think 90's trance), and a whispering/ auto tuned tween hipster playing un-quantized samples from a Roland SP-404. (First 'Witch House' producer: Picture Plane; via myspace)
Tween 1.
Dude, check this Witch House track I just made.
Tween 2.

That sounds so Witchy bra.
by AustinWood August 30, 2010
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The best and one of the darkest genres of electronic that didn't deserve to die.
2022 will be the year Witch House makes a comeback!
by K-Dogg1 April 17, 2021
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Trap music for trendy hipster goth kids who want to scare their parents and black friends. Usually, but not always, containing a simple Trap beat with a bangin' kick, a snappy snare and trills & trills of hi-hats, accompanied by deep, atmospheric basslines and squelchy trance synthlines. A Witch House track may or may not contain vocals, if it does, it's often a stolen, down-pitched one-liner or chorus from a popular HipHop/Rap song or an extremely weird, spoken word phrase sampled from a vintage horror movie. The producers of Witch House music often use monikers including occult symbols, upside-down letters and inverted/converted/reverted letters.
Person 1: "Dude, did you hear DJ $4t4Nc0R3 will be spinning a Witch House set tomorrow at Goth Night
Person 2: "Bro... Witch House is sooooo 2010. I miss when he used to spin EBM
by The Sindividual October 2, 2017
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Dark and moody, atmospheric electronic music, that grew as offshoots of the earlier experimental days of the darkwave and industrial scenes. The style is epitomized by acts like The Synthetic Dream Foundation, White Ring, Balam Acab, Ritualz
White Ring and The Synthetic Dream Foundation make killer Witch house music
by witch house music doctor July 6, 2013
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