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Abbreviation for Observe The Booty. Generally used when it in public as a code with friends or others who also appreciate a nice thick ass. When used, it can also be paired with a locatiob code to point the other party in the direction of said booty.
Friend 1: Yo! OTB! Check yo left....
Friend 2: Daaaayum! That's hella-thick!
by The Sindividual October 16, 2017
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Trap music for trendy hipster goth kids who want to scare their parents and black friends. Usually, but not always, containing a simple Trap beat with a bangin' kick, a snappy snare and trills & trills of hi-hats, accompanied by deep, atmospheric basslines and squelchy trance synthlines. A Witch House track may or may not contain vocals, if it does, it's often a stolen, down-pitched one-liner or chorus from a popular HipHop/Rap song or an extremely weird, spoken word phrase sampled from a vintage horror movie. The producers of Witch House music often use monikers including occult symbols, upside-down letters and inverted/converted/reverted letters.
Person 1: "Dude, did you hear DJ $4t4Nc0R3 will be spinning a Witch House set tomorrow at Goth Night
Person 2: "Bro... Witch House is sooooo 2010. I miss when he used to spin EBM
by The Sindividual October 2, 2017
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