The infamous virus that wasn't taken seriously by an inept administration and was allowed to spread uncontrollably causing stupid idiots to buy all the toilet paper in the USA and price gouge cleaning products.

Known by its common name The Coronavirus
The idiots during spring break wanted to play with the virus, so the decided to party up on the beaches
by Dr. Shady Dre Slim March 24, 2020
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Teh virus = teh prick
The Virus, is a know it all prick. Except he knows nothing. Just a prick then
by Some Guy you dont know March 28, 2005
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The product of a socially deprived 14-38 year old indivdual with way too much computer time and no job.
"Hey look that fat kid is making a virus on his computer, lets got urinate on his pc when hes done, after we shove molted steel in his ass with a stirring spoon."
by Capt. Jinglehiemer November 15, 2003
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Makes you fell pissed off when you get one, but if you have the resources to blow its fucking ass out your PC that can feel good.
Not a fucking virus! Never mind my anti virus software will eat it for breakfast...
*Virus slaughtered to its electric death*
Have that you trojen shit!
by Mr. Mr October 2, 2006
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A Malicious program that is designed to do nothing but piss you off and make you want to take a Baseball bat to anyone who makes it and their "Custom Built 1337 PCs".
Some douche in his moms basement: OMFG I MADE TEH VIRUS TO GET BACK AT PEOPLE!
by ASDFGFS December 10, 2005
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i) Computer programs that screw up other people's machines, deliberately.

ii) What anti-virus authors allegedly spend their time writing so we all have to buy their anti-virus programs to remove the viruses that they allegedly wrote in the first place, thus making them rich, and us poorer.

3. A test designed to measure the stupidity of the average internet user by seeing how many of them open up infected attachments in emails, despite thousands of warnings not to be so dumb.
Hmm let me open this not at all suspicious naked girls screensaver attachment.... larks! My hard disk is suddenly reformatting itself. This is the work of a dastardly virus!
by Reginald Barrington August 27, 2003
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Something probably carried by AOL CDs.
I picked up an AOL CD and now I have a virus.
by Flame August 29, 2003
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