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Something on your computer that will make anyone rage quit.
(Gets a virus)
Oh, hey look there's a FUCKING- (proceeds to smash computer)
by H4k0rz June 24, 2018
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Something stupid people get when they use Outlook or Internet Explorer
Hey Look Outlook is installing another "attachment"
by CptnObvious999 April 29, 2005
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What an unprotected windows-based computer will have within 35 seconds of connecting to the internet.
I just installed Windows XP, and before I could even update I got a virus.
by Scarab December 1, 2004
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One of the worst things a computer can get. Usually caused by downloading junk. It'll email your grandmother all of your porn. It's going to make your computer screen freeze. It'll invest your cash in stock to Euro Disney. It can also do many other things. Remember to also not open any emails with the subject "stinky cheese".
"Virus alert! Delete immediately before someone gets hurt! Forward this message on to everybody!"
by Nodog438 February 21, 2014
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1.A common disease plague that harms human health resulting in multiple symptoms that makes us sick.
Examples are:
-Common cold
-Chicken Pox
2.A random code that harms computer system and data by means of copying it self and duplicating it until your computer can no longer run properly.

Examples are:
-Trojan virus
-Suicide virus

Person 1:Give me an example of a virus
Person 2:Common cold is one...but there's more

Advertiesment:WARNING.The last website right be infected with a virus.Please install-
by CARV350 June 25, 2017
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-Yo son what you do today.
-Nuthin much just finished talkin to this VIRUS on aim and we bout to go run a train on that bitch, you down??
-Hell yea ma nigga. Be ther in like 10 minutes.. Payce
-P Pay Payce
by NeverDUN March 25, 2007
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my bad. I'm not a doctor. Yeah. Anyhow, e.coli isn't a virus, but you can get it from eating really really old hamburgers. No need to freak out about it.
E.coli is not a virus. I was wrong. I deserve to die a horrible death.
by SPORK October 3, 2003
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