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An organism that moves around until it has found a single, empty spot and stays there and mutliplies until every natural resource in the area is consumed, and then moves on to consume another area.
See human.
"A virus is what's destrying the Earth's eco system!"
"Among other things..."
by Jonah Rowley October 17, 2004
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damn, i just got ANOTHER virus fool.
by g3lic June 24, 2004
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A virus that started with a dude weirdly eating a bat and soon you will probably get it
A few days ago I realized I got The virus.
by Kim corgidasian June 25, 2020
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a pretty good guitarist in an idustrial metal band called dope
by please do not disclose October 3, 2003
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Emily's 25-year-old computer
oh no, have u gotten a virus????
by wow560069 October 9, 2019
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man, i went to go fuck your mom last night, until she told me of the damn virus she got from you cousin last week. damn her!
by Jason February 3, 2005
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