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The Urban School is a small private school located on Page St. between Masonic and Ashbury. It is a very discussion oriented school that enforces strong academic standards. Urban offers an enjoyable experience, greater than that of it's rival, University High School, and for the most part, the students at Urban are happier and better prepared for the rest of their lives. University may say that they are the better school, but everyone knows that Urban is greater in all ways.
"Whose House?"

"BLUE'S HOUSE"-The Urban School Cheer
by Greater Than UHS February 02, 2010
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The Urban School is a small, fiercely independent high school in San Francisco, founded in the late 60's and located in the Haight Ashbury neigborhood of San Francisco. Its students are notoriously intelligent, friendly, street wise, and respected. Intense discussion based classes prompt the earnest students to think deeply and act wisely. The Urban School has all of the earthy San Francisco character that its rival, University High School, lacks.
Conrad: Yo, we headin over to Liam's house for an Urban School Party. Y'all can come, dere should be some juice and some chronic.
Yen: I don't know, man. The SAT's are tomorrow...
Conrad: Those cats from The Urban School don't give a damn about no SAT's!
by whoah five October 03, 2005
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A small wannabe artsy private high school in San Francisco located on Page Street between Ashbury and Masonic. The school does not give grades, which appeals to many preteens. This aspect becomes immensely frustrating after some time, especially when they refuse to "fail" students. Instead they send "threats of imminent peril." Students are also requires to purchase high end, Apple laptops. They often become addicted to these machines and cannot seem to function without checking their email every 10 minutes or taking Mac Photobooth pictures of themselves. Its students are generally very intelligent and wealthy. Many of them are under the impression that because they attend a school in the Haight, they are very artsy and different. This is brought out through their hipster fashion sense and music choices. Urban students are classified as druggies and hippies. They are constantly high because they can afford the best of the best and their parents are constantly travelling in their private jets in Europe. Urban kids believe they are inherently "different."
Girl 1: I went to an urban party this weekend. Everyone was wearing american apparel clothing and was on acid.
Girl 2: Wow!

Boy: I go to Urban and I'm really different.
Girl: No you're not.

Girl: wow i'm jealous of those kids at The Urban School! They are all so rich!
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