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A place created by Robert for secret marijuana use, but yet not so secret. In the Last few years people have discovered the treehouse and returned with their friends, THIS DISPLEASES ROBERT. Lately the treehouse has been victim of new guests that come in groups, and thanks to Josh Bernstein more people know about it now then ever. The secret location has been given up and Robert is very sad, and he shuns those who speak of the location and he will BANISH YOU for all of eternity if you reveal the location any more. Thus said, I will go make me a cake in honor of my tremendous success of succeeding to spread the word that the treehouse (yet public) was meant for Robert and who he allows to visit. THANKS FOR YOUR FUCKING COOAPORASHUNS.
Not so much of a house... well... maybe to Robert

And Robert said "NO HARRISON, DON'T DO IT!" yet Harrison proceeded to jump off the 2nd story of the treehouse.

Jai did the Tornado on the skate-swing and busted his spleen.

Josh Bernstein told 5 buddys and each of his 5 buddys told 5 more and so on...

The never ending competition between Robert, Jai, and Harrison on the skate swing is going to lead to someones death
by Elliot Sanders February 14, 2011
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