Alex That guy's a r*tard

Dave No don't use the r Slur

Alex I said r*tarded

Dave But it's a hurtful word I hate that word call it the r slur
by Boogereater69 April 8, 2021
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r*tard is a slur which is often overlooked and commanly used in highschools by twats who think they're cool for offending a community.
many people who say the r slur, use the defence "it's just a word". exactly idiot it's a word which you can easily remove from your vocabulary.
twat: what a r*tard
decent human being: hey don't say the r slur, it's offencive!

twat: HAHA snowflake

ps. your not a snowflake for saying people shouldn't use slurs, your a decent human being.. they on the other are dick heads.
by it's not hard to not be a dick November 17, 2020
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R*tard slur that is ableist. Do not say ever.
Guy 1: Jesus he’s so r slur!
Guy 2: shut up dude that’s so wrong.
by SapnapsBabyGirlOfc December 1, 2020
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a word used to mock or insult a person with a disability.
kaden- that’s *r slur*
morgan- you can’t say that it’s ableist
karen- no it’s medically correct

morgan- no it was changed in 2010 by obama
by ragingbisexual;) December 2, 2020
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An ableist word used to mock/insult people with disabilities.

Don't say it. Normal people know it's wrong, because it is. If you say it unironically, you're most likely a teen who does it to be cool and edgy. No, you aren't.
Person A: Says the R-Slur
Person B: Dude, don't say that.
Person A: Stop being such a snowflake and SJW!!!! It's not a slur people are just sensitive on the internet nowadays!!! Can we just go back to where times were simpler and we could've been racist and ableist without being called out?!?! Smh.
Person B: What the fuck
by Angelicuro January 2, 2022
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the r slur is used against people with intellectual disabilities. the word is r*tard(ed). never say the slur, it’s wrong and ableist. it’s also not medically correct, seeing as it was changed in 2010 by obama
asswipe: that dude is so r*tarded
decent person: that’s so fucking screwed up man, it’s ableist. you can’t say the r slur
asswipe: sure it is, liberal snowflake. it’s medically correct
by thatvenusbabe May 6, 2021
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it’s a word used to mock or insult someone with a disability. and no it isn’t medically correct it was changed in 2010
person 1- that’s *r-slur*
person 2- you can’t say that it’s ableist
person 1- no it’s medically correct
person 2- no that was changed in 2010 by obama
by ragingbisexual;) December 2, 2020
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