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An interracial sexual position involving two black males and a single white female (who is "sandwiched" between them); from a distance the manoeuvre somewhat resembles the well-known Oreo cookie.

See also;

The Custard Creme
The Fox's Biscuit
The Wagon Wheel
"Say Cuthbert, did you and Tyronne pull off The Oreo last night?"

"Certainly did old chap! That lady from the city was the best cream center yet".
by Biscuit Man February 03, 2011
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When 2 black men insert their big fat cocks inside any of a white girl's holes either with or without consent. Usually this requires ultimate bonding so the 2 black men must hug with the girl in the middle.
"Me and Tyrone just gave Vanessa the Oreo."
"High five bro."
by Darth Faggis the White June 03, 2018
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