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Ironically named zone in which spin occurs in great abundance.
"I watched Bill O'Reilly the other night, and actually the No Spin Zone had quite a lot of spin."

"You don't watch his show much, do you?"
by spinstartshere January 27, 2006
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The place, on The O'Reilly Factor, in which it is claimed that politicians can not spin their arguments. But in truth, it is the place in which Bill O'Reilly can spin everything, and they can not even talk!
Guest: Well, I think that-

Bill O'Reilly: Fuck off, I hate you.
by Skelington December 01, 2003
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A place where people come to talk politics and not put a spin on anything. They talk and get the facts and argue pointlessly. Unfortunately, this place doesn't exist. Bill O'Reilly thinks his show exists in it. But, Bill O'Reilly's show is a place where innocent liberals go in to be hammered and interrupted by, ironically, the spin master himself, Bill O'Reilly.
Bill: Wow! I can't believe Joe the Plumber is going to be taxed higher! He's such a great guy!

Liberal News Media: Joe the Plumber lied, he's making less than 250K and won't be taxed higher.

Bill: What a popinjay! I never liked that guy!

Liberal News Media: I thought this was the no spin zone. You said you felt bad for him. Your show doesn't actually exist in 'The No Spin Zone'. You liar!

Bill: Shutup you ninny watt! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!! F**K IT!
by Skyler Henry October 20, 2008
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