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The public mental meltdown of a large segment of the Republican base as the realization that their candidate is about to lose the United States presidential election causes confusion, frustration, and rage. Observable as an avalanche of threats of violence, individuals desperately clinging to debunked bullshit, posting unproductive offensive posts, fleeting fantasies of punishing friends and family that pushed back on their shit, etal.

Occurs as this large segment of the Republican base gets angry at the fact much of their views are not shared by a majority of the voting population of the US and having their presidential candidate jerking off the Republican base all election doesn't win you the US presidential election base. If only more of their friends and family had realized the real truth as they themselves learned from some guy mouthing off at the bar about shit he doesn't understand, random easily disprovable Facebook shitposts, and from the only news sites not part of the vast conspiracy which of course are right-wing conspiracy sites.

Invokes a combination of horror and schadenfreude in observers where the observer can't decide if they should be ashamed by their friends or family or stock up on popcorn and at least try to get some entertainment out of the shitstorm. That and pray it doesn't progress to some form of real life white nationalist terrorism.
Holy shit man. The Meltdown has started. Look at this shit in my Facebook feed today.
by SnarkBasedReality October 21, 2016
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