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When a guy has sex with a girl, cums in his hand and then throws it up in the air like the chalk clap Lebron does getting it all over her. And then says to the girl "You've been Lebroned Bitch."
"I pulled The Lebron on that chick last night."
by Beth Frank May 19, 2009
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A cartoon show that Lebron James will use to boost his ego even further.
"Watch out cyber world - here come The LeBrons! LeBron James presents his all new animated series "The LeBrons," coming to a computer near you. Click the subscribe button and be the first to know about all the action..."

Me: Really Lebron? and you wonder why everyone hates you.
by Roc18 January 20, 2011
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When a girl is almost done sucking you off, instead of finishing in her face you finish in your hands. Next, you take the collected giz and you imitate Lebron James, thrusting your hands and arms upwards, launching the splooge right into the girl's chin. Clap your hands 2x and you have successfully completed The Lebron, congrats!
Man, I was feeling balla last night, so I gave that bitch The Lebron.
by Mild NOOB Sauce! January 13, 2010
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