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"The Kus" is the greatest known alcoholic on Earth. He is also the current warlord of AA in a multiplayer game called Runescape. Everyone runs and yells kuskuskuskus when he comes around.
Bob: Oh my god!!! Its "The Kus"!
Mark: Kuskuskuskus!!! Have a beer with us mate?
The Kus: Okay :D
by AA Random March 04, 2009
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To believe in no honour and act accordingly. This word is originally derived from the runescape player sensation "the kus", who once held captive over 10 accounts. Although he is technically no honour, at heart he is a hardstyling softy who adds a little bit of brightness to everyones day.
Ch4nce:"Oh man I just logged into edward5010's account..I think he just got the kus'd just like erickiller13, mazvis11 and 606480!"
Skin Style:"I wonder who helped!?"
by Ork Legend May 12, 2009
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