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When someone "holds in" their bowel movements for at least three days. They then have someone lie down on the floor face up the person lying down is called the "trailer". Then the the person that hasn't had a bowel movement procceeds to give him/herself an enema using motor oil. After the extreme feeling of I-have-to-shit happens, the trailer then opens their mouth and the person jumps over them and tries to shit in their mouth.
Jason: Yo, Brian have you heard of "The Knievel"

Brain: No

Jason: Want to try

Brain: I guess

Jason: Okay, just lie down on the floor there, close your eyes, and open your mouth

Brain: I don't like this

Jason: Shut up BITCH!! and do it

Brain: Fine

Jason: It will be a sec I got to prepare

"The knievel has been done"

Brain: You are a sick FUCK you know that

Jason: Yes I do, but you have to admit it's pretty funny

Brain: Yeah that is pretty funny
by 2641 December 13, 2007
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