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An act, whereby an individual sets fire to ones own scrotum for the expressed purpose of striking a despised person with greater insult than conventional "Teabagging".
The conceptual theory is as follows:
Person (A) loaths Person (B) to such a degree that a conventional Teabagging would prove unsatisfying. Person (A) deduces that to express said loathing on a proper physical scale to Person (B), is to douse their own scrotum in lighter fluid and ignite once Person (B) is unconscience or otherwise incapacitated. The next step is to ignite and strike Person (B) upon their forehead, nose, lips or chin with his burning testicals.
This act expession loathing to such degree that one would disfigure their own genitals to insult and emotionally scar their nemesis.
"Yea, I'll be in intensive care for a while... but man, i served that bitch the flaming teabag. It was worth it. I hate that whore."
by Doug Phillips March 27, 2008
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