When you have anal sex with someone whilst you have an std. The moment their asshole starts to burn due to the std you pull out and run away
I gave gavin the fire exit last night, I dont think he's happy
by Biggerjigga69 May 9, 2021
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Slang term for a woman's back passage. Similar to 'back door' but more urgent.
Anne: (suggestively) "Well its our anniversary darling, so i think we can do something special tonight..."

Dave: "Can i stick it in your fire exit?"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin October 30, 2009
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What happens to the human posterior region an hour or so after consuming spicy food. The poison has traveled through the digestive system of some poor, unfortunate soul and now makes an exit in a very uncomfortable manner.
Bud 1: "Shit, bud. I ran through those suicide wings WAY too fast. I'm going to go home and wait for this fire exit."
Bud 2: "I feel great sympathy for you and your anus. May God have mercy on your soul. And your anus."
by Sweet Fraser March 24, 2014
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