2 definitions by Sweet Fraser

What happens to the human posterior region an hour or so after consuming spicy food. The poison has traveled through the digestive system of some poor, unfortunate soul and now makes an exit in a very uncomfortable manner.
Bud 1: "Shit, bud. I ran through those suicide wings WAY too fast. I'm going to go home and wait for this fire exit."
Bud 2: "I feel great sympathy for you and your anus. May God have mercy on your soul. And your anus."
by Sweet Fraser March 24, 2014
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Yes. Most commonly used to mean "Yes, I agree with that" or "Yes, I can do that".
KELLY: Gerald, could you please take out the garbage?
KELLY: Gerald, if you don't take it out now, you're going to forget.
GERALD: I said YOWZ! Get off my fuckin' back!"
by Sweet Fraser January 30, 2008
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