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a popular 2011 sitcom family, complete with a studio audience and big 80s hair. however this audience doesn't laugh because theye're too horrified and threatened, as many of the Dotys are trained in combat with all kinds of bow staffs. The Doty's take no prisoners.

If you encounter one of them, it will likely be a female, but to be sure check for markings in the shape of a skull on the upper arm, which only the male Dotys proudly sport. if it is in fact a female, proceed with caution, but if you say anything remotely stupid, those bitches are furious. they may also be unintelligible at points as they are closely related to a certain type of whale.

most importantly, don't mistake the middle one for someone who's not a hockey goalie.
hey, the Dotys are on! let's get some popcorn, or better yet fucking flee in terror!
by edsharpe June 16, 2011
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