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Half sour, half sprite, black razz, and Jameson. A drink order originating around the year 2008, commonly mistaken for a shot, but no its actually a drink and should come in a glass.
Let me get The Dickson, half sour, half sprite, black razz n Jameson

Bartender: Nah man can't do it. I'm all outta black razz

No worries mate! just sub in razzmatazz, I'm gonna be drinkin these allllllll night.
by Flo Str8fire July 02, 2011
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Art of letting off a barrage of gas in a closed room caused by heating hard boiled eggs and hotsauce. The Dickson works best in a non-ventilated or crowded area. It is said that The Dickson is one of the earliest forms of biologic warfare known to man. Although it's origin is unknown, it's name became widely accepted when Queen Elizabeth I's squire, Patrick Dickson was hung for "attacking" the Queen in her bed chamber. The Queen had claimed she had been set ablaze as her eyes started to water and nose started to bleed when the squire left the room (much to the same effect as ammonia). Word spread quickly of the squires deed and his parents had commented on what he had to eat that morning, hard boiled eggs and hotsauce and it's been used to that affect since.
Eric "I gave Amber The Dickson earlier at work today!"
by J.D. Doyle September 02, 2010
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