1 definition by Jamie Duby

A person that no one can stand. Constantly attempts to make them self look intelligent with made-up facts or figures. Always cuts you off in mid-sentence and corrects you with mis-information. Also tells stories that are improbable or impossible, and are most likely fabricated.

History: the origin of using the word "dickson" is unknown, but in the Mid-Michigan area it's a widespread term for someone you hate, or acts in the manner described above. Typically, when people visit this area of the U.S. they are confused when they begin to hear the term, but once it's understood, they always know someone from their home town that is a "dickson"
I can't stand having to work along side of Jay, he's such a DICKSON!

Have you ever met Dee? She's a friend of my wife's and she's a definite dickson.
by Jamie Duby December 13, 2007