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The diamond is the shape created between the thighs and the arse of a really hot, tight bodied girl. When viewed from behind a gap the shape of a diamond can be seen.

It is best seen when she is standing upright and wearing really tight shorts, swimwear, lingirie, or completely naked.

Some men are extremely attracted to the diamond, thereby finding the sexiest part of a woman's body is not actually a part of her body - but a void created by it.

An alternative version of the diamond is the VW Symbol - this is the diamond with camel toe (the shape of a W appearing above a V).
Dude 1: Man you should join my gym, the hottest chicks go there
Dude 2: Really? Do you see the diamond?
Dude 1: Hell yeah! And VW!
Dude 2: ShamWow!
by Diamond_Hunter November 21, 2009
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Sex move involving five guys and one whore. The whore strokes two cocks with her right and left hand, sucks a cock, and gets penetrated in the ass and her vagina by the remaining two cocks. When you draw a line and connect the cocks, it forms a diamond-like shape.
Elvira attempted the diamond the other day; the aftermath was grim.
by SnakeBiter October 26, 2009
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The diamond of chastity is a phrase used to teach the youngsters of todays world the importance of a chaste relationship. A female diamond is the area (in the shape of a diamond) from her neck to her knees. A male diamond is in the area (once again in a shape of a diamond) from his belly button to his knees. As the saying goes, "Do not touch the diamond unless you are wearing a diamond," referring to, of course, being married.

The common hand motion of making a diamond in the air is highly understood as the international symbol for staying chaste.
Two girls riding home with one of the girls dad after a volleyball game:

Tatum: "Oh my god! Lisa is that girl that went to third base!"
Melody: "Lisa isn't as slutty as that girl Jen, she went all the way home!"

Dad: "Tatum do you remember what the shape of a baseball field is like?"
Tatum: *sigh* "Yes dad, the diamond."
Dad: "Thats right!"
by tatum&melody February 21, 2007
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1. A sandwhich at the Deli Terry's consiting of :
Turkey, Lettuce, American Cheese, Bacon, Mayo
all on a hero

2. The diamond the legendary kid from Stuyvesant high school with only one Testicle

1. Can i have the diamond

2. Did you hear about the diamond this weekend?
by Taylor Digiovanni May 14, 2007
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