A very funny internet cartoon involving stick figures that are always getting killed by different spontaneous misfortunes.
The Demented Cartoon Movie is about even less than Seinfeld.
by gold dust May 17, 2005
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a movie that's sooo strange it's FREAKIG HILARIOUS!!! starring characters such as Mr. Weight, the Kamikaze Watermelon, Bloing Gloing *dude with umbrella*, and the famous Zeeky H. Bomb
Stick dude 1:"Let's play Toss the H bomb!"
Stick dude 2: "Yah!"
Both: Wheeee!! *bomb drops*
by Dirge February 1, 2005
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a full 30 minutes of stupidity in it's purest form.
wait a minute... dat is not zee bubble fish; it's dat stupid cartoon movie again! I refuse to shine zee light on it!
by Cunjo November 12, 2004
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Blah Guy 52: Meh. I'm bored.
Blah Guy 53: Yeah, me too.
52: Uh... what do you want to do?
53: Um... i dunno. Wanna play a game?
52: Oh sure, what kind?
53: Oh, i dunno.
52: Hmm.
53: Oh I know! Let's play catch the H-Bomb!
52: Yeah!
by ianweller April 2, 2005
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