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A folk hero of urban mythology for the cyber-era. Tales of The DMan are first noted on the internet, then picked up by most of the major cosmopolitan youth cultures in metropolitan centers around the world. The DMan is the epitome of cool and a yard stick of elusive street cred. What The DMan would do is always the coolest thing one could possibly do in a given situation.
"That was so cool! That's exactly what The DMan would have done!"
by Dr Peter Noble July 03, 2004
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This means a sexy guy who gets all the ladies. A guy whose name is either Danny or Dan can be called TheDman. If you are a guy and approach a Dman, dont stare into his eyes or you will want to resart your life and change your name to Danny or Dan. The greatest and most attractive name in the universe.
Girl : Oooo look theres TheDman

Guy : I cant or his good looks will consume me

Girl : Well thats to bad is'nt it?


Girl: See you im gonna go talk to him

Guy: Mabey i can get a name change?(He says to himself)
by TheDman August 19, 2012
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