Commercials of skin falling off from smoking to scare little kids into not smoking. Makes it look like smoking and vaping are gonna kill you.
“Hey, do you remember those the real cost commercials where that girls skin would fall off in the convenience store
Friend: “Yeah, that was hella scary”
by Bruvbruvbruv February 9, 2020
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A stupid anti tobacco campaign that uses annoying and disgusting ads to scare kids. Some ads are so disturbing like the one leaves and the delivery one that give people nightmares. Their ads are unskippable and annoying. Their ads are seen on tv on channels like USA network during wwe shows, teen nick, adult swim, fxx, Fox, and mtv. Their ads are hated that people smoke and vape out of spite of them. They must be stopped now.
Me: imma go watch some tv
Commercial break: science class ad from the real cost
Me: oh not again *runs like hell out of the room immediately*
by Chris Hansen is the goat December 25, 2019
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Some stupid anti-smoking company that releases ridiculous ads on smoking/vaping using cgi transformers/dinobots, skin falling off, wooden teeth.

Basically it’s bullshit
Karen: What are you doing smoking in my neighborhood, go look at The Real Cost and educate yourself!

Jake: Ma’am this is an inhaler
by White Boy Smokes Weed February 9, 2021
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If you vape you could be inhaling toxic metals into your lungs. To show how scary that is we made a metal monster! (Wilhelm Scream) But nothing is as scary as the facts. Vaping can deliver toxic metals like nickel and lead into your lungs. That’s metal, in your lungs!
Person 1: What's the worst YouTube ad?
Person 2: The Real Cost Vaping Ad
by WeegeeCool May 31, 2021
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