The no-tell, motel. That one run-down, half lit, half renovated lodging establishment in town; where people go to do the dirty. The rooms you can usually cop for a cheap rate.
Looks like The Loose Caboose is the only place in town that's got any vacancy. :( I hope we don't get mugged.
by Zeric1969 February 11, 2017
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used to refer to a person with a loose anus. Usually happens when said person has participated in copious amounts of anal sex.
"Sally said we have to stop doing anal because she is starting to get a loose caboose."
by Anal Jim April 06, 2011
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When you have a sex train going and there are not enough people to make a full circle. The person in the rear is referred to as the loose caboose.
My swinging friends invited me over for a party. My girlfriend won't go. It is throwing off the numbers for the sex train. I hope I get to be the loose caboose rocking the train.
by StyxxxCA September 27, 2009
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Scot of the WCHL.

Yeah, one "t".... he doesnt seem to like things that come in pairs, aside from balls.
"Since Wednesday ol' Loose Caboose has set a new record for most men on board..."
by Canadian Pacific April 21, 2005
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When a man's asshole is so blown out from anal sex, that his sphinctor stops to work and he diahreas every time he shits.
Adam-Dude after I got rammed by that donkey boner I have a loose moose caboose!
Nolan-aww man mines been ripped up for years, do you have any diapers yet?
by Adam Shuford January 14, 2008
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