A grey animal with a trunk, bigger than a cat but smaller then the Moon.
" Look at that majestic elephant it is so beautiful"
by R3kt those n00bs April 13, 2015
A random unknown mexican bitch who shows up to The Ave just to go throw neck in the avetard bathroom.
Bruh the fucking elephant gave that nigga head in the bathroom and nobody even knows who she is.
by TurnM3Up November 25, 2019
The act of putting your hand behind your back in between your legs and jacking off; After you cum you shake your dick like an elephants trunk and screaming.
Me: Why didn't Ben come to school today?
Friend: He was Elephanting all night yesterday.
by Iamthebest22 March 8, 2009
When you pull your pockets and cock out.
(after pulling your pockets and cock out) Hey Joe check out this elephant.
by Chadwick Meriweather III January 27, 2005
a kamasutra sex position that is very painful but very enjoyable at the same time. It's when you put both of your legs to the side closing them and the guy inserts his weener in you the penetration is deep how most woman and men like it =
ohhhhhhhh yes i love it when you fuck me like that thank god for the elephant position
by Ceee Son January 15, 2008

If trained right, can be used to smash things. Enemy things.

"Honey! The neighbors parked in front of our driveway agian."
*Husband smirks*
by ThePinkMenace July 14, 2009
When a man tucks his own penis into his own butthole.
Hey Jeremy, what are you doing for Columbus Day? "Oh not much, gonna put on the new Coldplay album and give myself an elephant."
by Jimmy Feix July 12, 2014