When a male is spooning with a female and drips pre-cum on her leg
I just wanted to spoon with him, and he ended up giving me a Dirty Spoon Rest.
by The Taxedermist January 15, 2012
Gettin' a little "frisky" while spoon'n your girl when she's on her period
Mary and I were spoon'n last night cause she was like on her period, and I decided to "Spoon Dirty". Man, it looked like somebody skinned a dear in our bed!
by Julios August 24, 2007
verb; action; sexual activity involving a man and a (wo)man where they engage in anal sex while lying in the spooning position. This act occurs only when the "front" spoon is suffering from diarrhea and empties there bowels on the "back" spoon while having anal sex. also known as the cleveland steamer's angry eastern cousin.
guy one: dude, i was with a girl last night and we totally did some Dirty Baltimore Soup Spooning.

guy two: thats disgusting. please tell me it wasn't on your bed.

guy one: no, we used the neighbors picnic table.
by Baltimore Barry December 29, 2011
You cuddle your partner but subtly slip you penis into their arse
by Coolmanrj December 17, 2017
n. slut.
Origin: Cold Stone Creamery Sample Spoon Disposal Bin Label.
That dirty little sample spoon hooked up with my spouse. annnnnd scene.
by mz.muthaforkher January 18, 2012