“Dude I did The Womb last night and my back still hurt from bending it that far
by Daddydealer69 November 11, 2020
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A place in a women’s body that a child sleeps in until pushed out! The child will kick in the small hole until it bursts
by Canadian.dictionary June 19, 2019
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to fully engulf someones head under your shirt while you're wearing it; to lift your shirt over someones head as if they were in your belly
nothing more disgustin than getting wombed by a hairy dude

bridget just got wombed
by fdejnbdb'mw May 3, 2011
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v., tr. to penetrate a woman vaginally, so deeply and/or with so much effort that, in theory, the penis reaches the womb.
She sucks in breath sharply and out of pained astonishment pitched like delight utters, "You're wombing me!"
by Moggraider December 22, 2008
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The uterus; the organ in a female mammal where a fetus develops. Also known as baby oven, baby factory, baby maker, sprog forge, rug rat generator, kiddy mill, or the place where babby is formed.

A piece of biological machinery which cramps up and leaks fluid and tissue on a regular cycle if it's not in use, making the female extremely cranky.
Sorry darling, I can't make babies with you tonight, my womb's been filled by the pool guy.

To demonstrate what a womb cramp feels like to a man, a swinging sledgehammer should be administered to the lower gut.
by Bloopy November 9, 2010
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WOMB is acronym, means; Waste Of Mega Bytes.
Dude, you haven't log'd in your myspace, you're such a WOMB.
by Jashinism January 12, 2009
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Doing nothing, just hanging out, not caught up with the times, oblivious to the outside world..
What did you do all yesterday?

oh, i was just wombing it..
by just wombing it August 5, 2007
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