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A group of guys who are known for their amazing capability to drink large quantities of alcohol - to be granted access to the group you must be over 18 and you must prove to the group that you are in fact a god when it comes to drinking - the group contains only 5 members (Veteran.1 - Mitch, Veteran.2 - Brad, Veteran.3 - Tim, Veteran.4 - Mathew, Veteran.5 James)

Upon being accepted into the group you receive a set of dog tags with your name and birthdate on one and on the other your veteran number..

Note: The group is extremely lazy and there are 2 other members that have been accpeted into the group but have yet to receive their tags names being Darren, Tom and honourary member Ben (he is known as the medic as he has diabetes)
Man "I tried to drink a Veteran under the table last night"

Man2 "lol you idiot, how did you go?"

Man "Not well I was fucking blind by the time I got to my 12th beer"

Man2 "and they were still sober!?"

Man "they were sober as birds, fucking Resilient bastards, I will tell you that much!!, The Veterans!! I wish I was one!"
by Veteran Number 4. February 18, 2010
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When you take one last drag of your cigarette before entering an establishment, preferably a Walmart super center, and exhaling the smoke as you walk through the sliding doors. In order to be a pure veteran, you must blow the smoke on an unsuspecting customer, usually a woman with her kids, or possibly the greeter.
I hate going to walmart, every time I leave someone gives me the veteran and I go home smelling like cigarettes.
by bdb69 September 05, 2016
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