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A game played using the Mee6 bot on Discord.
The host begins by picking a random word and looking up its definition using Mee6's !urban command. The next player must look up the definition of a word in the previous word's definition/example. Rinse and repeat.
If you look up a word that has already been searched before, you are eliminated. Looking up a word that doesn't exist in the Urban Dictionary can either result in losing or getting a re-do depending on what the host decides at the start of the game.
The game continues until only one person remains in play, at which point they are the winner.
Person 1: "Hey, wanna play the Urban Game?"
Person 2: "Yeah, let's do it!"
Person 1: "!urban Discord"
Mee6: "The fucking best voice and text client in the world."
Person 2: "!urban client"
by TheStanleyFan October 07, 2017
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