Doing something really stupid, but the to draw attention away from said stupid action, do something even more stupid, drowning out the affect of the first stupid action. Repeat until successful, and presidency is over.
“Oh crap I killed the cat, well by using the Trump effect, I can just eat the dog to make everyone forget about me killing the cat.”
by Thatguy22691 October 31, 2017
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When politicians begin to say stupid shit due to being a candidate alongside Donald Trump for too long.
The 2016 presidential candidates all feel that they can say anything they want due to the Trump effect
by MaxwellB July 31, 2015
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The violent diarrhea of the month one has when talking about things which totally ignore obvious facts which even 10 year old know.
The dude had the Trump Effect when talking abate the earth being flat, despite the obvious facts that it is not.
by LS2546 April 5, 2016
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The trump effect is a almost proven theory that every law or bill that Donald trump puts through will add another 100 protesters to the streets
Joe: hey man did you see the storm of protesters after Donald trump passed that travel ban.
Steve: yeah that's the trump effect.
by the bum rash January 30, 2017
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When Donald Trump's words are taken out-of-context to make it seem like he is "literally Hitler" by the bias media to create fear and panic in the general public. It is done to claim he has been extremely hateful and bigoted in his presidential campaign and will destroy America and the world.
Wanda: Donald Trump is gonna murder black and mexican children!
Barry: He never said that, you're just part of The Trump Effect.
by spootyhead April 17, 2016
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The Trump Effect. (Condition, feeling, sensation, or phenomenon) Is the result of President Trump's continuously embarrassing comments and abhorrently childish behavior that makes people give up hope, realize the bar of decency and integrity has been set to rock bottom, and/or creates a general feeling of apathy, despair, and resignation after constantly being subjected to persistently obnoxious behavior.
Mary: "Hey, Scott, I noticed you no longer harp about the stupid things Trump does or says."
Scott: "I suffer from The Trump Effect. Whereas I used to care, I realize his behavior is never going to change and that we will just have to suffer this embarrassment until he is no longer President."
by The Tosh November 29, 2017
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The ability to have a slew of verified accounts arguing you and others who support you on all of your tweets
I see the trump effect in play here, all of these responses are verified!
by Tezlik May 31, 2017
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