When a man with one testicle and a man with two testicles simultaneously expose their sacks to another person.
yo Tony lets give Mike the good old tripod
by Quintin Hubbard November 2, 2010
When your dick becomes so large that it looks as if you have an extra leg.
"Wow that guy has a third leg!"
"No bro, thats a tripod."
by EpicDuckGuy February 6, 2012
Australian comedy trio consisting of Gatesy (Steven Gates), Yon (Simon Hall) and Scod (Scott Edgar)
Tripod are playing at Hi-Fi tonight.
by PiraticalKat October 8, 2003
One of the coolest girls you will ever meet
"Hey look its that girl tripod, i wish i was friends with her"
by doggylover191 April 25, 2009
a group of 3 girls who everyone envies and hates. they rule at the top of the social class.
"those bitches in the tripod have been fucking our guys!"
by macslice October 11, 2004
tripod monopod stringer cameraman news photog
Stringer: “We sent in professional tripoded footage to the news stations”
by AdamLLNNYC February 24, 2019
The three ultimate human beings. Comprised of three humans that, when together, form the supreme group. When together, suspicious activities are usually to follow. This includes: shmoking weed, abusing homeless people, getting obliterated, and forming NASA.
Fuck Man! You heard of Tripod? They be DAMN hot.
by Tripod Lovers June 18, 2007