The Tony is a move, in competitive cycling, when well executed, results in incredibly erratic course being taken. This results in a greater than average chance of being struck by an automobile, chance of an errant bird strike, and worst yet, a near guarantee of losing every sprint one engages in.
"I had that sprint in the bag man, but the idiot in front of me pulled "The Tony" and the next thing I knew we were all laying in the fucking ditch."
by biggigia November 15, 2009
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Toni is a smart and funny person to be around when your day is going bad toni will be there to cheer you up she is special and never gives up on you and keeps your day going. Toni is the greatest and sweetest person once you get to know her.
i love toni, i wish i had one
by micheal kor September 16, 2015
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An absolute cutie
The girl who stole my entire soul
Is fucking gorgeous and deserves the world
Boy: who is Toni?
by krew.i.wino June 22, 2019
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A beautiful intelligent human being that doesn't take anyone's bullshit. A great shoulder to cry on, an excellent listener. A woman who knows what she wants and would do anything she could to help her friends out.
by playgirl54 September 16, 2008
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When someone from a friend group is no longer around, a product is discontinued or something is no longer active.
Have you seen Jeremy lately?
No... he's with Tony now...
by ACip January 06, 2020
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She's stylish, gorgeous, sweet, kind, brilliant and powerful, basically gods gift from heaven. Everyone has respect for "Toni" Many envy, hate and are very jealous of a Toni. Toni's can be mean at times only to those who are disrespectful, mean, liars, ghetto and fake type people. If she's your friend she will have your back to the end. Toni is very picky and refuse to settle for less. They work very hard and will not let anyone stand in their way. They are very classy women who is somewhat a control freak but always get the job done. They play hard like men but always carry themselves like elegant classy ladies. You will do anything for a Toni!
1. Gotta have a Toni!
2. Once you have a Toni you will never give her up.
3. Why are you so angry? Because I'm not a Toni!
4. Sorry, can't do what a Toni can do.
5. C'mon be more like a Toni
6. Becareful because she's a Toni.
7. If you want to be FABULOUS you got to be a Toni.
8. Nothing like a Toni.
9. If you're brilliant you MUST be a Toni.
10. He will always say YES if you're a Toni.
by Can'tLiveWithoutToni February 03, 2010
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