A miniature martini, meant to be drunk in excess. Common drink among college-aged females who are sick of Cosmopolitans and Mojitos. Exagerration of how many one drank is encouraged.
Oh my god, Kristen, I totally had like 500 tini tinis last night. Where's the freakin' breakfast pizza? Oh my god, I HATE the dining hall.
by Elizabeth LB December 11, 2006
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The nickname of 6'8" 350lb mobster found in every prison, who has been convicted for a string of violent crimes. Usually, tiny is muscle for someone else, due to a low mental capacity and uneasiness about his size. Quite well-endowed, tiny will seek to butt-fuck people smaller than him. Tiny is the white version of Big Bubba.
Tiny is scary, but stupid.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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when something is incredibly small, mentally or physically. When something is tinie it reminds you of a baby, tinie things are very heartwarming and gentle.
That is a pretty tinie monkey!
by puzzle1217 May 10, 2021
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A little midget with bipolar problems when it comes to her not getting her way these girls are dangerous they crazy one min but will make you love them the next there very rare tiny is loyal with a beautiful personality and a goofy spirit but don't get me wrong she a demon when she becomes man
Damn tiny why you I mean

Tiny you are so beautiful

You so tiny
by Dej smith March 14, 2017
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Gang of deuschs from medford, WI that are in an age group from 20 to 25, who go out to high school parties and bang 15 years, smoke space daily, drive early 200 model cars with shitty aftermarket and stickers on them, and and are hated by everyone. They have a group in Illinois also, and they have nicknames with tini in it.
Ey Curtin Tini, whatcha doin tonite
Gonna bang me a ripe 15 year old and say im gonna fight highschoolers but puss out
by StanGajewski April 20, 2012
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A joker, one who is quick with one liners, quips and sly remarks.
That dude reminds me of Tini.
by Spellman December 9, 2004
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Not Big
Itty Bitty
Tinsy Weensy
Holy Shit! What the hell is that tiny thing between your legs?! What the fuck did we do to it?!
by Blonde_Goddess91 June 19, 2003
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