A Christmas tree that is put up way too early, Mainly near Thanksgiving
Wow Disney put up their Thanksgiving Tree Again
by JazzToast November 21, 2018
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A parade usually held during the day, whether it's the Macy's parade in New York or a smaller parade in another city or town. There's a reason the parades have already been successful throught the years they have held them without having to change their scheduleThe , people can already see the floats without having to waste a ton of money to light them up, and they can see the bands and people walking during the day, so it makes sense the parades have always been held during the daytime. A New Years celebration is held at night because the focal point pf the parade is a lit ball, peach, or other object on a building, instead of down on the street with the crowd, so it makes sense for a New Years celebration to be held at night, and not a Thanksgiving parade.
The girl wanted to take the Thanksgiving parade in it's current form from the people who had always known it the way it was, along with many other things. That was the reason (essentially no reason but to be inflammatory and piss everybody off) she wanted the parade, or street signs, or other things they loved about their town the way they were to change to something they didn't recognize.
by Solid Mantis February 8, 2021
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When one continually apologizes during sex or any sexual act.
Nice guy but when he took me home it’s was a real Canadian Thanksgiving “Oh baby oh baby, I’m sorry. Thank you, that’s the spot, I’m sorry”
by Eldon John October 7, 2021
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The day after thanksgiving where men need to eat but all the food is gone so they eat ass instead
Josh needed to recover from thanksgiving so he called Stacy over to fix his thanksgiving recovery
by Joshhill14 November 29, 2019
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Annual Thanksgiving tradition that has taken place in the Big Apple for nearly 100 years. Giant balloons, tons of marching bands, clowns, floats, fun stuff :) Event is annually televised on NBC.
Rando #1: How was your Thanksgiving?
Rando #2: I spent the morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then ate some delicious turkey and watched football.
Rando #1: Sounds like a very wholesome holiday!
by jay gee December 2, 2022
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Hey it’s fekin Irish thanksgiving where the corn beef and Guinness ?
by Karl Nickert March 12, 2023
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The worst day to be alive. 2 day long chicken/ turkey and 2 days at home! If you hate your life eat the turkeys To Get FOOD POISONING .
Thanksgiving is a holiday
by Chrisdoesshit November 27, 2019
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