when a girl is getting eaten out and right before she cums the guy stops, turns her around fucks her in the ass and when he is about to cum he tells her he is done, she then turns around and he blows one right in her belly button.
Wow, did you see Mary get the teaser last night.
by cit October 28, 2006
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(Derived from the word: Tasered)
1)V. (past-tense) When you get lead-on (teased) by someone you like for a while then they drop the bomp on you that they were just playing and it fucking hurts like hell.
Dude: So how'd it go with that chick?
Victim of Teasering: Man, she teasered me last night. I can't believe it!
by Elysium9 December 22, 2008
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1. A short film trailer (shorter than a full length trailer shown in movie theatres and in the beginning of VHS tapes and DVDs).

Teasers trailers are used on TV, where the length of time is far too limited to run a full 2-3 minute trailer.

2. One who leads one on (sexually) but perennialy holds short of having sex.

3. Any small taste of something, usually aimed at selling something.

4. one who teases.
That bitch is such a teaser.
by Captain Neatoman October 28, 2004
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when a guy asks for a “teaser” they’re asking for a pic of ur clevage not ur boobs so they can be “teased” 🙄
1. “hey emma send me some teasers”
*sends pic with clevage showing*
by a beaner girl January 21, 2018
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a shortened word used for a malteaser
whatcha fancy eating today?
ohh im just gonna crack out a packet of teasers
by mimi0606 February 21, 2009
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