The Storyteller is alternate ego of the mind.He makes up stories and creates plots.He's the one you can count on to make a good or bad lie.Never underestimate the power of The Storyteller.
The Storyteller tells you a good lie.
You tell it to your friend.
Your friend believes it without a doubt.
by xXShadeberry_CatXx January 28, 2017
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(noun) A fucking liar. Not a simple confirm/deny liar, but the type of liar who creates absolute fabricated fiction
Betsy was a storyteller. Her man, Nick, wasn't hip to this fact yet. I saw her laughing to herself after blowing yet even more smoke up his ass when he tried to get slick and asked her why she stood him up on yet another date. Poor bastard.
by Nikki Stixx September 26, 2019
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An art form or oral tradition that brings everyday folks into the world of words.
The teller's storytelling made the Bible story come alive!
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In rap is storytelling like when you tell a story in the song in rhymes.
Nas´s song "one love" is a storytelling rap song.
I think storytelling rap is better than any other kind of rap.
by H-Ghetto October 07, 2007
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A person who lets a blunt/joint burn out while reciting long stories; this is generally a habitual act.
Person1; Hey!, Chachi! You let the blunt burn out again!
Person2: Man, she always does that -- she's a storyteller!
by Lucy 239 November 09, 2011
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This person takes the basic corporate ideas, such as the company's story, their vision, values, and brand, and create a great story around it. They also teach others in the company how to tell the story as well.
Zappos uses corporate storytellers to get the message about their culture to the rest of the world.
by mark guadagnoli June 14, 2014
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