Derived from the ancient Chinese art of the shocker. It is performed by making a Vulcan sign with either your right or left hand, then you insert two fingers into the vaginal cavity and two into the anal cavity. If this does not please that special lady then you can use your free thumb to rub her clitoris until organsm or until the alcohol wears off.
I picked up this bitch from the club, and she wuz so horny that she asked for The Spock!!!
by testiclese April 28, 2004
The art of putting two fingers in the pink (pussy) and two fingers in the stink (asshole) whilst simultaneously using the Spock hand sign.
Damn son I got lucky last night! She let me do the Spock on her! Both were tight son nahhh meaaan!
by Small Chang Jon Un January 20, 2015
Similar to the shocker but two in the stink like the Vulcan sign live long and prosper. Instead of the shocker I gave her the Spock!!!
by sean4246 June 16, 2011
Putting two fingers in the ass and two fingers in the vagina while making the Spock symbol
Dom: How did it go with Katie last night?
Tom: I asked her to do the Spock and she let me
Dom: How did you do that?
Tom: I said it was only logical
by hair like a lion mane December 2, 2013
The art of inserting 2 fingers into a woman's vagina and the other 2 into her asshole so that the hand looks like the "vulcan statue" , a hand sign that Spock uses in the 'Star Trek' franchise. It is also refereed to as 'Two in the pink , two in the stink'.
Person 1: "Hey, you know that girl I scored last night? I totally spocked her!
Person 2:"What?"
Person 1:"You know 'The Spock'? Two in the pink and two in the stink bro! haha!"
by flamingball2340 March 2, 2014
Also known as "The Vulcan", "Thumb on the C, Pointer on the G, with two in the pink and two in the stink", and "Cum long and prosper", The Spock is an expansion and improvement of The Shocker producing a longer and more intense orgasm, where a female is manually sexually stimulated by the use of the thumb on the clitoris, the pointer finger on the G-Spot, the middle finger also inserted into the vagina, and the ring and pinky fingers inserted into the anus.
She couldn't reach orgasm until I tried The Spock and then she couldn't stop.
by pr0nadict October 7, 2010
A sped jock. Usually play sports such as american football and hockey but receive C's, D's, and F's in their classes. Generally, spocks spend too much money on customized basketball shoes with colors that don't match and over exaggerate their actually ability to lift bro. Spocks hate on people with common sense and think they are good enough for every girl.
Guy #1: Look at Brian's new $200 dollar shoes.
Guy #2: The colors look so random so he must be a spock.
by shrek71 May 24, 2014