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A very kick ass band from Sweden. They mix rock with new wave, and their singer is damn hot.
Maja Ivarsson, vocals
Felix Rodriguez, guitars
Johan Bengtsson, bass
Jesper Anderberg, syntheseizers
Fredrik Nilsson, drums
by Matt April 14, 2004
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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n. The very sexy band from Sweden that has been here in concert 3 times.
The keyboardist from the Sounds makes me want to jizz myself
by ACrappyPseudonym April 28, 2004
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Use of a telephone, be it a mobile or land-line.
Sean says "I just got off the SOUND to this geezer, and he was blitzin!"
by J-Blo September 04, 2007
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The combination of a burp, a sigh, and a swallow. It's a sound a persons body makes to let everyone around them know, they're about to frickin puke
When you're on bourbon street, you hear "The Sound" like crickets in a field.
by the yeet August 16, 2014
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That 'it' factor that some people work their lifetimes to accomplish! Every musician has that different vibe about themselves in their compositions! Also referred to as:

The base with the pace. The bump without the dump. The combination for more than 1 station. The highs with the lows. A certain flow. It's part of their signature. What makes them different and adds to what already exists.

"I can do this! I've got the sound!"

"She's got the sound, you can believe that!"

OOA: "Why is she taking so long? We got a time limit & this better be good!"
AFM: "She's ready! She just had to call for a ride. Vehicle probs., You & I both know quality take time AND work! She's had to juggle family, work, life...You know how it is with obligations and money problems! Where were we before all this?"
OOA: "True!"
AFM: "See, here she comes!"
KG: "Why y'all look so nervous? I'm the one who has to play it! You ready?"
OOA: "Do you know how long we've been waiting?"
KG: "Thank you for your patients! It's appreciated, I'm greatful for the chance. I couldn't just ignore all the other obligations asked of me! You wanted good and I'm about to give you better for being patient with this process! Don't stress it!"
OOA: "Do you think it's the sound we're looking for?"
KG: "Can you just tell me how you feel when I'm finished playing?"
SP: "We'll see whats up after you're done!"
AFM: "You ready?"
KG: "As I'll ever be! Hey, If cry after, you promise to edit out that part?"
OOA & AFM: "No, cause if the sound is good, you won't be the only one doing it!"
KG: "Alright then! Lez go!"
OOA & AFM: "About time you did something right!"
KG: "Always got to be smart asses, huh?"
OOA: "Get on the grind wit it!"
KG: K,...< 1/2 hr into 'the sounds'>
SP's, J & OOA: "Look at er go! She's poppin' off beats!"
AFM: "Imagine putting that threw the sound tubes in you base bump or an amphitheater!"
SP: "I can't believe this is happening threw an acoustic! I got the chills!"
AFM: "You hearing it, ain't ya!"
OOG: "Somebody get this girl a couple shots in a tall glass? And, bring me a towel"
by YesterdayTodayHMU,INAR June 03, 2013
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