Ok kids, if your in a serious relationship don't do this. Its when your bangin out your skeet skeet from behind and when she least expects it, you knock her hands out from underneath her thus driving her face into the ground. Then you ram her towards the wall.... The snowplow.
"Damn, that chic wouldn't let me bang her butt, so I gave that bitch The Snowplow last night".
by G man yo! July 12, 2008
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The act of pushing cocaine around with the straw.

(Inexperienced users who do not correctly tilt or raise the straw just above the line of cocaine.)
Wow, man.. You just snowplowed that line, are you sure you have done this before?
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 5, 2009
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While giving anal sex to a girl in doggy style position, you kick out her arms (don't break them) so she falls on her face, she'd then put her arms around her face and you'd push around the room like a snowplow.
While giving it to her in the ass, I took out her arms and gave her a snowplow!
by Forlorner October 17, 2006
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The act of knocking a bitch's elbows out while slamming her from behind. Once her face is firmly planted in the pillow, one is to continue hitting it as hard as possible; thus imitating a "snowplow."
Yo dude, I hellOf snowplowed Jenny last night on Pate's floor!
by The MexiPope (aka Ho Slayer) January 14, 2006
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An inexperienced skiing position that consists of putting your ski tips together in front of you, resembling a > in front of you. See pizza slice and snowplow bomber.
Inexperienced Skier: "I'm just learning to ski, I have to use the snowplow position."
Experienced Skier: "Ha, amateur."
by The Person Of Importance February 25, 2008
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A sexual move when you are hitting it from behind on a girl. She is on all fours and you procede to bring your hands up like you are about to grab her breasts, then you knock her arms out with one swift move(usually balling your hands in fists, taking her out at the wrists, like making a strong T-shape). This usually ends up with the ya girl hating you and some facial injury sustained by the female.
Homie:Damn! What happened to ya girls face?
You: I showed that bitch da Snowplow after she told me to hurry up.
by Trent N May 7, 2007
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Fucking someone in the doggy position wildly enough that they lose their hand position and fall off the bed, face first.
Kristi and I were fucking like we had just barely met. We were really charged up and going at it; next thing you know, she snowplowed onto the floor, me on top of her. I broke her toe, was very sad. She and her husband went to Vegas the next day and she had crutches. :(
by Broke Bucket Mountain December 5, 2016
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