A term used to describe the entirety of the middle east by coalition forces from around the world.
Did you hear? Sgt. Smith was sent over to the sandbox.
by Droolguy October 16, 2017
Inadvertent herpes while sitting on a barstool at the boardwalk in Pensacola.
While at Alvin’s Island, a hooker covered in glazed dick-resin, after she experienced the rusty pelican and while inadvertently being introduced to the salty-snowball, this old women, whom I thought was a barstool, gave me herpes on the boardwalk in Pensacola (The Sandbox).....
by Thepubfucks August 6, 2018
This is a phrase you use to describe the person that's been your best friend or one of your closest friends since the "sandbox." Implying that you've been together since you were young. The sandbox is the place babies or little kids play together at; this is where it started for the two of you.
Alex is one of my best of friends. He's been my friend "since the sandbox."
by Darnyx April 6, 2020
A software that manage how others programs contained inside the sandbox can interact with the outside, establishing limits to the main environment by giving a false sense of freedom to trapped softwares. Sandboxie is an example of a sandbox software.
Internet Explorer tried to install some malicious software, but it's process was contained inside Sandboxie.

Nothing was actually installed, and everything was written in the sandbox.
by m-p{3} September 7, 2007
Middle Eastern nation, particularly one with a vast desert such as Iraq or Saudi Arabia.
"Just heard the 224th is headed over to the sandbox."
by 12B December 13, 2002
v. sandbox, sandbox·ing, sandboxes

1. to push a body part or and inanimate object(most often a sex toy) with force into the male urethra. A very uncommon way of masturbation and/or pleasure.
Made famous by the internet video Kids in a sandbox

2. An insult

n. sandboxer, sandboxers

3. one who partakes in the act of sandboxing
Example 1-
"AAARGGHHH hojfhjhrf"
"Whats wrong dave?"
"I was up all night sandboxing myself and now my dick hurts"
"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?"

Example 2-
"Hey, I'm dave"
"Go sandbox yourself loser"

Example 2a-
"Hey, I'm dave"
"Go play in the sandbox stupid ho"

Example 3-
"Do you guys know Dave?"
"Yeah I heard hes a sandboxer"
by Davefirth35 July 16, 2010