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A delay in reaction time causing one to resemble a high latency video-game character. It is often accompanied by a distorted perception of time, short term memory loss, extreme clumsiness, and loss of depth perception.

Body lag is generally the product of Alcohol and/or lack of sleep.
"I had to get up at three in the morning on one hour of sleep, my body lag was so bad that I ran into my bedroom door on the way out after I thought I had opened it."
by Droolguy September 25, 2011

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A term used to describe the entirety of the middle east by coalition forces from around the world.
Did you hear? Sgt. Smith was sent over to the sandbox.
by Droolguy October 16, 2017

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A courtesy question posed to someone who has offended you to the point that you feel the need to physically assault them or are morally required to on some level, but the offense was not bad enough to warrant getting into a full fight.

The question declares that the you are willing to restrict yourself to a single full strength hit if the other person does not put up a defense.

The generally accepted answers to the question are "face" or "stomach", if face is chosen the person getting hit is allowed to designate either left or right side. If the person simply states "left" or "right" it is assumed they mean the face.

It is not proper form to disregard the persons choice if you pose the question, and nose and groin are normally off limits due to the permanent damage that could result.

Proper stance to receive the hit is standing straight with your hands behind your back.

This question is used between friends, family, or people who generally respect each other as a way to satisfy social/moral responsibility or violent urges while keeping the relationship intact.
Zach and Bill have been best friends since preschool, they are both now in their twenties.

Zach: "I've been seeing this girl for a couple weeks and it's been great, but she said she has found another guy. Fuck that dude."
Bill: "I didn't even know you were seeing someone, whats her name"
Zach: "Sarah, the chick that works at the bar."
Bill: "Fuck. Yea... um... she's with me right now."
Zach: "Where you want it?"
by Droolguy April 04, 2017

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