The one guy at a party that gets super horny when drunk. Is usually an outcast otherwise. He gets so aroused, he even screws various objects.
Party Host: Dude wtf there's jizz all over my McChicken. Which one of you assholes is being the Ryan?
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When ever you have a group of friends together and are drinking alcohol, one of them gets extremly horny out of nowhere. This guy is known as 'The Ryan.' He will fuck random objects while under said intoxication.
Friend 1: This isn't fucking funny! Who's cum is all over my damn McNuggets?!
Friend 2: Shit dude, we have the Ryan among us
by JimmyRustler420 March 07, 2015
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that one dude at a party who always get extremely intoxicated and acts like a complete dumbfuck. Usually an outcast, and can never get into a girl, due to his small dick.
Hehehe. Jim acts like the Ryan"
by thedirtymargotta March 07, 2015
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That one guy at the party. Everyone knows who I am talking about. Super horny, would fuck basically anyone or anyTHING for that matter. Usually an outcast, as he can get nobody to get into bed with him.
" 'CRUNCH' Hmm. This McChicken tastes awfully......oh my god what the fuck. Who jizzed in my McChicken?"

"Looks like we got the Ryan in the house."
by thedirtymargotta March 07, 2015
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This term was started from a SNL skit from tonight. The Ryan is a general term for a man who whilst under any intoxication, fornicates with food items. This is NOT limited to McDonalds.
Man: Dude thank God I bought all these double whoppers, the skit only shows them as McDonalds food. Thank You Burger King!

*takes massive bite into Double Whopper, immediately spits put*
Man: NOOOO! There's jizz seeping out of my Double Whooper! Where is the Ryan?! I KNOW HE'S HERE!
by ItsAll0greNow March 07, 2015
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