When you're doing a girl on the top of the stairs doggy style and you randomly grab her arms and put them behind her back push your weight forward and ride her down the stairs on her nose causing it to become red and bloody from carpet burn.
Kenny gave Amanda the rudolph the other night and her nose is STILL red.
by Long Dong Silver May 16, 2006
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When a man has recently shaven his pubes and they have slightly grown back to a stubble, a women gives him a blow job and her nose rubs against the pricklies which results in a red nose. This can also go for a guy pleasuring a prickly female.
After a long night with Robby, Megan tried to tell her friends that she had a cold, but they all knew she was suffering from The Rudolph.
by Matt Conner February 16, 2005
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After engaging in intercourse with a girl on her period, pull out, mushroom stamp her on the tip of the nose, and immediately call her a Ho...three times.
Last night, I performed The Rudolph on Mimi. It was such a romantic way to start the holiday season.
by BigDogBDC June 30, 2019
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Some guy makes a chick angry after drinking alot of alcohol. You pull out your tampon, spread your pussy lips stick the tampon in the guys ear, and sit on the guys face giving him The Rudolph
by Ta2punk January 24, 2009
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This is where a man punches a woman in the nose hard enough to make it bleed. Then he fucks her doggie style with a santa hat on.
Jenny pissed me off last night so I gave her The Rudolph. It really got me in the Christmas spirit.
by Kalhiem January 28, 2008
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The act of rimming a woman whilst she is on her period, typically with the males head in between her legs and his tongue curving underneath to around her anus. To get close enough, it is generally required for the males nose to insert itself slightly into the womans vagina.
Woman: "You can't do that, I'm bleeding"
Man: "It's ok. I don't mind a bit of Rudolphing"
by The Big Chunky October 21, 2013
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When a woman doesn't flush the toilet after taking a shit and tops it all off with a used tampon. She then closes the lid to the toilet leaving unsuspecting boyfriends who follow after them with an image that will be burnt into their mind forever. Called being Rudolphed because of the red spot against brown being similar to the Christmas icon Rudolph.
" I went into my girlfriend's bathroom and I got Rudolphed. After vomitting, we broke up."
by Victim85 July 15, 2009
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