The founder of the "religion of peace" was prophet Mohammad. For a some reason he is called "prophet" even though the "pedophile" would be a more appropriate designation - or by what name should be a man called who in his fifties picked up his favorite wife Aisha from a kindergarden and screwed her when she was 9-year-old, of course she was a child of his cousin, so no wonder why 50% of dune coons in the Middle East are inbreds due to consanguineous marriages when the Maestro itself sets an unhealthy example.

There are enough delusional zealots who murder innocent people, even children in the name of gods. Extreme Islamists are a good bad example of these lunatics. Unfortunately their inbreeding hasn't yet come far enough, they still have hands to shoot, blast bombs and slash the throats of infidels and feet to move instead of seal-like body with claws and flippers.

While we are waiting for that day (hurry up evolution, in the name of Charles Darwin!) they continue to commit atrocities among the heredics and if they happen to die while doing their holy mission they become martyrs and will enter paradise with 72 virgin goats. It's a bit foggy on how those clit free tent ladies will be rewarded after they detonate their explosive vest in a crowd.
"The religion of peace takes good care of its women, every individual seems to have a black, portable tent in case of snowstorms - whether a camel's shit-operated stove included.."
by O. W. Tongueincheek December 20, 2021
A religion that has been wrongly represented around the world. Its peacefulness has been questioned by infidels around the world. In which case the use of jihad is justly applied.
The religion of peace? Why are you killing Jews, Christians as well as atheists?

There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his final messenger!
by vandermart December 14, 2015
A reference to George W. Bush's famous post-9/11 declaration that Islam is a "religion of peace". ROP is generally used as a substitute for the word "Islam", though it can also refer to Muslims in general. In all cases, use of the term ROP indicates either distaste for Islamic beliefs and practices, or derisive mockery of the politically correct attitudes (as embodied by Bush) that spawned the phrase "religion of peace".
Worker #1 "Did you see today's paper? The Religion of Peace claimed another victim."

Worker #2 "Well don't call them violent, or they'll riot."
by (I am) John Doe August 25, 2007