Everyone knows who the popular girls are. They dress in a certain way, they generally are super attractive, and they talk about the same old things. Some can be surprisingly really nice but many are back-stabbing mean. They gossip about each other and get offended by the strangest things. Popular girls have that face that everyone knows is popular. They spend hours on how they look, how they smell, and who they are dating. Most of their conversations are either about hot boys, clothes, occasionally movies, or weird stories they tell each other that are supposed to be amusing. Their Facebook pictures usually show a good amount of cleavage, puckered lips, swaying hips, or strange and awkward positions with their friends. They swear constantly and find the weirdest things funny. Though many vary from school to school, everyone knows who the popular girls are and everyone knows that you do NOT want to get on their bad side.
The Popular Girls:
A normal popular girl conversation is usually:

Popular Girl:...and, like, it had these really cute sparkles that make your boobs look bigger...


Popular Girl:...that frickin backstabbing b*tch told everyone where James and I were making out...


Popular Girl:...and that party was like OMG!
by Rellee December 21, 2011
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Snobs who enjoy ruining weird kids lives.
Popular girls are sluts at my school.
by Unpopular girl November 10, 2009
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Stuck up pretty rich girls who pretend to love, but actually hate each other and can’t go 20 seconds without gossiping about there “friends” or people they don’t even know. Wear Abercrombie and Converse, do either volleyball or gymnastics and have perfect hair. Guys love them and fall for there nice girl act. Some teachers are best friends with them for some unknown reason.
Alexis: Selena is so annoying

Kali: I know right! Let me just finish commenting on your post “ilysm my girllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍” even though I just told Ava you think that every guy likes you. Popular girls
by 3009 July 5, 2018
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The bitch who thinks she controls your every move. Normally she is dizty and expects everyone to volunteer to be yet another tissue in the world she thinks revolves around her. But in the end she just snots all over you. She walks in the middle of the group and tries extra hard to sway her fat ass around to impress the boys. Either that or knock them out cold.

Shes the retarded one in class who is too busy passing notes, fixing her nails, and applying so much lipgloss to her overly used puckers so that they eventually look like a prune.

She has a tendancy to be late for class because she is too busy at her locker running her damn mouth about the girl right next to her, in the bathroom smudging more gunk on her face, or making out with the boy she just fuckin met.
Ha well that felt good. Note: Not all popular girls are like that (:
by Me:P July 22, 2009
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The biggest female tools you will ever meet. They listen to Soulja Boy and Cobra Starship, shop at Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Aeropostale. Frequently use the words "Oh Em Gee" and "Totally." They will also bash on anybody that passes by them. They will try to make your life as miserable as possible. Brainwashed by Paris Hilton and love to brag about their new Blackberry Storm. The Popular Girls love texting, shopping, and anything that Barbie would like.
Brittany listens to pop and rap, shops at Abercrombie, and loves texting! That's why she's one of the popular girls.
by I'm right in front of you..... November 1, 2009
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Bitchy Girls with the following:
*Blonde hair (real or fake, and not always blonde)

*fake-baked skin

*a closet filled with Abercrombie, Hollister, and similar designers/brands

*a holier-than-thou attitude

*a habit of manipulating (either their best friends or nerds)


*a lack of intelligence (there are some exceptions)

*athleticism (to sports that "matter", including cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics, and (for my town, at least) softball) and overall physical fitness

*emotional issues/family secrets that, if revealed, could ruin their reputation

*a seat in the middle of the cafeteria (or the seats furthest from the lunch aides), adjacent to the popular boys. Yet, these girls do not talk to the boys and prefer gossiping over one "nerdy" girl's new outfit or even about someone sitting in front of them

*a boyfriend sitting at the aforementioned popular boys table. The relationship usually only lasts about a few weeks. Middle school popular girls treat this relationship as if it were more serious and intimate, thus causing the boy to set his sights on someone else

*A jealousy streak for their ex's new flame, whoever it may be, even if it's their best friend

In the end, though, popular girls will usually go to an average (meaning academically average) college, where they will realize very quickly that popularity doesn't matter, if they haven't figured this out in High School. They will normally get a job to find out that they are working for the "nerdy" girl or boy that they used to pick on. They will lose their middle school and high school looks to find out that the ugly kids in middle school are modeling for GQ or dating a celebrity. Moral of the story: popularity doesn't matter.
*Middle School*
Brittany: OMG Lindsay look at poor ugly Michelle, what is that girl wearing?? She looks like she fell into the Goodwill store and slept there!!!! She wishes she was one of us popular girls!!
by nerdette and loving it! January 22, 2009
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Girls brainwashed by Barbie into thinking that their job is to look hot and make fun of others. Basically guys like them, regular girls hates them and the few that hangs out with them only pretend to like them.
Popular Girl: OMG, like that is like, totally, like... yeah!
Others girls behind her back: What a loser...
by eyes April 1, 2005
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