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Everyone knows who the popular girls are. They dress in a certain way, they generally are super attractive, and they talk about the same old things. Some can be surprisingly really nice but many are back-stabbing mean. They gossip about each other and get offended by the strangest things. Popular girls have that face that everyone knows is popular. They spend hours on how they look, how they smell, and who they are dating. Most of their conversations are either about hot boys, clothes, occasionally movies, or weird stories they tell each other that are supposed to be amusing. Their Facebook pictures usually show a good amount of cleavage, puckered lips, swaying hips, or strange and awkward positions with their friends. They swear constantly and find the weirdest things funny. Though many vary from school to school, everyone knows who the popular girls are and everyone knows that you do NOT want to get on their bad side.
The Popular Girls:
A normal popular girl conversation is usually:

Popular Girl:...and, like, it had these really cute sparkles that make your boobs look bigger...


Popular Girl:...that frickin backstabbing b*tch told everyone where James and I were making out...


Popular Girl:...and that party was like OMG!
by Rellee December 20, 2011

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