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An unknown creature only available in books and movies.
You know what they say... The Perfect Man only exists in movies
by SuperSamaritan August 27, 2017
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A man that can accept you when your beautiful, and when you're not so much. He listens to what you have to say and actually respects you enough to respond thoughtfully. He's not afraid of commitment and he values family. He treats you with respect, and accepts that you're his partner, not his slave. He works with you equally and values your opinion on different subjects. He is.. VERY hard to find. So if you do, don't ever let go.
by definingmen January 10, 2012
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is the person who listens your favourite pop songs though he has no particular taste in them. puts up with your capricious personality. realizes every little change you make on your appearance and praises it over and over. holds you close and gives you a hundred kisses on the cheek when no one is around. caresses you in the right spot. tries hard to do what you say, so if he can't make it, it's okay. has a respect for women, he proudly says that he is a defender of women's rights. highly intellectual. has a beautiful body and a face. The kind that you want to promise to be with him and cheer him up at times of trouble and tell how you like his romantic and sensible personality all the time.
For me, the perfect man is named Alper.
by vanillafairy May 26, 2012
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